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[Sticky] How to write a perfect question  



Need some help for how to write the perfect question?

Follow this guide.

1. Keep it short.

This one’s simple. Instead of saying ‘How to integrate syntax highlighting with my text field on UniEnviro’ say ‘How to use custom highlighting in TextFields’

2. Don’t use pictures of code.

Instead taking pictures of code, use the preformatted option for code. It is so much easier for people to answer your question so they don’t take ages copying the text from the image down.

3. Be civil.

If someone answers your question/another question wrong, don’t be uncivil and harassing towards them. Speak to them in a civil manner, and don’t be rude.

4. DO NOT post questions in incorrect categories/topics!

It is very confusing to people to find a random question about another subject (eX. C# in Linux)


If you need help answering a question, see “How to write the perfect answer”

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